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The Road to Charleston: Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution (2019)

The American Revolution Round Table of New York City Best Book Award, 2019


The Society of The Cincinnati Best Book of the Year award, 2019


Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award -- Honorable Mention, 2019


"a magisterial study. Must read history at its very best."

–James Kirby Martin, University of Houston


"wide-ranging, persuasive... sophisticated history"

The Journal of Military History


"wonderfully written account of the Southern theater worthy of the discriminating reader"

Journal of the American Revolution


"combining good writing with good research and that volume's appeal is magnetic. The Road to Charleston is such a book"

American History Magazine

The Road to Valley Forge: How Washington Built the Army That Won the Revolution (2004)

"John Buchanan skillfully guides us through 1776 and 1777, the two most critical years of the Revolutionary War for George Washington as commander in chief. With a gift for finding the apt quotation and telling anecdote, the author traces the growth of Washington as a commanding general and the professional development of the Continental Army."
–Don Higginbotham

The Road to Valley Forge won the “Thomas Fleming Book Award for the Outstanding Revolutionary Era Book of 2004,” presented by The American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia.

Jackson’s Way: Andrew Jackson and the People of the Western Waters (2001)

"A compelling account of Jackson’s Indian fighting days, but...provides as well a grand sweep of the conquest of the trans-Appalachian West, a more complex, bloody and intrigue-filled episode than is generally appreciated...Buchanan writes with style and insight....and, refreshingly, does not attempt to impose modern-day sensibilities on the events. This is history writing at its best."
The Wall Street Journal

The Road to Guilford Courthouse: The American Revolution in the Carolinas (1997)

"His book is a fine, highly readable volume with a strong narrative flow which ought to provide readers with a much greater appreciation of the war in the South...His views are drawn from first-hand as well as prime secondary sources, and if some of them seem uncommonly blunt, let the wafflers grouse."
The State, Columbia, SC